Innline IP Version & Software Upgrade Instructions

We have found and isolated a potential issue regarding Day Light Savings time and wakeup calls on InnlineIP systems that use Wakeup Call Offloading but only with a Mitel 3300 integration.

The issue makes itself evident the morning of the Day Light Savings time change and any calls that are set through the Mitel Console.
The InnlineIP software does not adjust the timers to reflect the time change. This causes two wakeup calls to take place. The call from the Mitel will be accurate, the other from the InnlineIP, which will either be an hour before or an hour after, depending on the time change direction.
The issue does not reoccur after the first day of the time change.

The good news is, we have isolated the issue and have been able to put a fix in our latest InnlineIP release.

Please  click here to view the InnlineIP Version and Software Upgrade Instructions.

Note: the upgrade is a recommendation, not a requirement.

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